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Although Robinson Cano is ready to return from an 80-game









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suspension for performance-enhancing drugs Boone Logan Jersey , his comeback is doomed to be short-lived. Even if the Seattle Mariners qualify for the postseason, Cano will be ineligible to participate.Meanwhile, in Houston, Roberto Osuna is fresh off a 75-game banfor violating Major League Baseball'sdomestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse policy. And he's ready, willing and permitted to help the Astros win a second straight World Series championship.Something seems wrong, no?If the question is how much cynicism MLB is willing to tolerate, there is.For their part, Cano and the Mariners would undoubtedly love to be together if the team does indeed make its first postseason since 2001. He betrayed everyone's trust when he got popped for using a banned masking agent,but he's still a $240 million megastar who had been going strong (see his .825 OPS) even at the age of 35.However, this isn't about what's best for Cano and the Mariners.Mark Cunningham/Getty ImagesAlong with harsher regular-season penalties, postseasonbans became an official part of MLB's and the MLB Players Association's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program in 2014. That promised an additional blow to violators' wallets. It would also bar them from redemption on baseball's biggest stage."Our hope here is that the adjustments that wemade do inevitably get [the number of violators] to zero Josh Hader Jersey ," said MLBPA chief Tony Clark, per the Associated Press (via theNew York Times). He added: "I am hopeful that players make the right decisions that are best for them, for their careers and for the integrity of the game."Clark may be getting his wish.Per Baseball-Almanac.com, there were 21 PED suspensions in 2012 and 2013 alone. There have been only 22 since 2014. Not surprisingly, none of the players involved was traded to a contender later in a given season.Which brings us back to Osuna and a cringe-worthy situation that might be avoided in the future.Since the details of his case are being kept under wraps, only so much is known about how, exactly, the former Toronto Blue Jays right-hander has found himself in hot water. But there is a clear timeline:May 8:Osuna isarrested and charged with assault of a female victimMay 17: According toVjosa Isai and Wendy Gillisof theToronto Star,Osuna is ordered to stay away from a specific Toronto building, not communicate with his alleged victim and not consume alcohol or possess weaponsJune 18:Osuna's attorney, Domenic Basile, confirms to Betsy Powell of Star that the charge revolves around an "alleged domestic abuse" for which Osunawill plead not guiltyJune 22:MLB concludes its investigation Starlin Castro Jersey , and Commissioner Rob Manfred hands Osuna the third-longest suspension under its domestic violence policy, which went into effect August 2015July 30:Following supposed "unprecedented" due diligence, the Astrosacquire Osuna from the Blue JaysAugust 6:Osuna returns to the moundWhile Osuna's suspension is over, his criminal case is not.According to Matt Young of theHouston Chronicle, the All-Star closer has a court date in Toronto on Sept. 5. Basile plans to seek a postponement and a "peace bond," which would result in the charges being dropped in exchange for Osuna's promise that he will stay on good behavior.If that doesn't pan out, things will proceed and possibly result in Osuna being convicted and/orbarred entry from the United States.In the meantime, the Astros have a public relations nightmare on their hands.There's no taking issue with the actual content of the trade. Houston only sent three spare assets (right-handers Ken Giles, David Paulino and Hector Perez) to Toronto in exchange for Osuna, who's still only 23 and under team control through 2020.Still, general manager Jeff Luhnow sought to get out ahead of the inevitable backlash. Thus came astatement that expressed confidence that "Osuna is remorseful" and that he'll "fully comply with our zero tolerance policy related to abuse of any kind."Luhnow's bit on "zero tolerance" was rightfully panned as being blatantly disingenuous, however. The bit about Osuna being remorsefulearned a pointed clarification from Basile. Via ESPN's Buster Olney:Buster Olney Buster_ESPNRoberto Osunas lawyer speaking about the word quot;remorsefulquot; that was used by the Astros in reference to their new reliever: quot;My client is not remorseful of being guilty of any criminal activity http://www.marlinsfanproshop.com/authentic-starlin-castro-jersey ,quot; Basile said Wednesday. quot;Hes obviously remorseful of the circumstances.quot;Luhnow may have been hoping that his team and its fans would graciously accept Osuna, but there's been some hesitance for both. Ace pitcher Justin Verlander referred to the trade as a "tough situation." When one female fan expressed her frustration on social media, the reaction was swift and severe."Astros fans have always stuck together," the fan told Jenny Dial Creech of the Houston Chronicle. "It was crazy to see how this trade tore them apart a little. Everyone took a side."But then, it's doubtful that Luhnow and the rest of Houston's decision-makers ever thought everything would be hunky-dory after they went ahead with the trade. Or even cared, for that matter.They're poker-faced pragmatists whose chief concern is winning another World Series.Since there's no guarantee that Osuna's legal situation will keep him on the field beyond 2018, that was almost certainly the Astros' primary motivation in trading for himnow rather than waiting until after he had cleared his suspension and/or his name. If it ends with Osuna getting the last out in the World Series, they're not going to be quick to regret it.This isn't the first situation of its kind that MLB has encountered in the years since it implemented its domestic policy. That distinction belongs to Aroldis Chapman, who still bears a scarlet letter after his girlfriend told police he choked her during an argument inOctober 2015.But even with him, there's no comparison to Osuna.Elsa/Getty ImagesChapman hadn't been charged when the New Yankees first acquiredhim from the Cincinnati Reds in December 2015, and he ultimately never was. And while the Chicago Cubs eventually traded for him in July and he helped them win their first World Series in 108 years, that was after the flame-throwing lefty had already served a30-game suspension.Granted Martin Prado Jersey , Major League Baseball may never be able to implement a perfect domestic violence  Sheryl Ring wrote an excellent rundown of the complications on that front. But for the sake of its reputation with the legions of baseball fans withactualzero tolerance policies for such matters, theunparalleled cynical nature of the Osuna trade should have the league scrambling to try to do better.Given the latest circumstances, the most apparent way to do that is by copying the postseason ban portion of the Joint Drug Agreement and pasting it onto the domestic violence policy. If it must only come in tandem with a specific regular-season suspension  so be it.If nothing else, it would add another layer of deterrence for players. It could also help prevent trades like one that sent Osuna to Houston, in which the acquiring team elevates baseball matters above basic human decency.Understand, this isn't about drawing a moral equivalence between the transgressions of Cano and Osuna.Assuming hisexcuseof trying to treat a medical condition is as bunk as it sounds, Cano was only trying to improve his ability to entertain. He just didn't do so in a way that MLB has deemed appropriate.Relative to that, an alleged act of violence against another human being is more severe.Ultimately, this is about what MLB must do to be both a lucrative institution and one that its fans can be proud of. To this end, more compassion and a little consistency would be a good start. Longtime Boston Red Sox color analyst Jerry Remy has been diagnosed with cancer, NESN announced Tuesday."At this time http://www.marlinsfanproshop.com/authentic-starlin-castro-jersey , Jerry鈥檚 focus is on his medical treatment. The thoughts and prayers of all of us at NESN and the Red Sox are with Jerry and his family during this difficult time," the network said in a statement.Remy, 65, has undergone treatment for cancer six times. This will be his third cancer diagnosis in the last 20 months.Remy was first diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008. He was most recently diagnosed with a recurrence of lung cancer in June 2017."I've got cancer. OK. I've had it five times. OK. Enough's enough. I've had enough," Remytold reportersthen. "But the fact is, other people can avoid it, and I'd really like to see them try to do that. Because it's not fun, and it wears you down."My message to those watching at home: If you don't go to your doctor, you don't have much chance to find out. It might be too late. Go and find out what's going on with your body. They can really help you."Remy has been in NESN's broadcast booth since 1988, joining after injuries ended his playing career. He was a 1978 All-Star with the Red Sox and is a member of the team's Hall of Fame.


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